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14 Weeks Old and Sweet
One Boy left
1 AKC Registered Puppies still available... ACT NOW.... 
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At 14 weeks old,  He is ready to go home with you. 
Their marking are sable and tri-color.  All have great personalities - lively, frisky, and so playful.  They are excellent with small children.  All socialize well,  and play with each other and their toys.   Clearly, they are beautiful and could be yours.
Note these puppies are being raised in a home.  This means the puppies have more "personality" and "training" than a traditional breeder.
The pups are nearly all house broken.  When have you ever bought a puppy that has some training?
All are "going" outside on a regular schedule.  Most of the litter are already using the "doggie" door! 
They have had 3 sets of vaccinations. Last weekend the Vet examined the litter for the 5th time since birth.  All are healthy (no eye or knee problems).  
We are now accepting visitors, by appointment. Email us to make an appointment.
On June 1, 2005,  four males and one female were born.  All are being raised in our home.
The dam and sire are both AKC registered pure bred Papillons.  The liter is registered with AKC, with AKC registration packages to be provided to Buyers.
Pricing: Each is being offered to $1,000 per puppy.  For a home raised AKC Papillon, this is a bargain. We paid 50% more for the Dam and Sire.
Contact us immediately or they will be gone.

If you never want to be alone again, have a Papillon join your family. 
The dam and sire are 3-1/2 and 1 year old respectively.  The are extremely lovable and well behaved.  Brith was natural on June 1, 2005 with the dam and puppies being healthy and well.
The dam is a superb mother, taking excellent care of her litter.  The sire is patient and supportive, he really loves his puppies.
You could not ask for better parents.
If you want more information or would like to purchase one of the puppies please send an email to

Deposit has been placed on this puppy
Subject to payment - This puppy is sold

All of the pups have grown - We are getting lots of email - if you want one, put in your bid NOW!

Availalable Boy
He is regal


Only a few more weeks and any of these beautiful papillon puppies can be yours... email now to reserve your AKC registered papillon puppy.
On June 1, 2005,  the puppies were born.
The dam and sire are both AKC registered pure bred Papillons.  The liter is also being registered with AKC.
The puppies are being raised in our home.
Reserve yours now or they will be gone.

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